For the twelfth year the Omaha Film Festival blew into town!

With 50mph gusts! For all of you filmmakers, screenwriters, and attendees from out of state (and out of the country!) things like 80 degree weather, massive thunderstorms, hail storms, and freezing 50mph winds … all within a 12 hour period, are pretty typical for us. That was just our Monday. For the rest of the week we have some sun, a few 60 degree days, some cloudy days, and yeah, we’re going to hit you with some snow this weekend. Enjoy!

You know where the weather doesn’t change at the drop of a hat? Inside the Village Pointe Cinema! We were treated to delightful interior comforts as we entertained a full house for our opening night film “The Last Word.” Hearing the enthusiasm and seeing the smiling faces as our attendees exited the theatre let us know that festival director Jeremy Decker picked an awesome opening night film for us! And that was just the first film of the 126 films that we’ll be showing over the next five days. With four more special screenings, 12 in competition Narrative Feature Films, 8 in competition Documentaries, and 101 Short Films in 11 short film blocks (a record for us!) we promise we have something for everyone. Check out our fully interactive schedule, create a sign-in, set your schedule, and come hang out with us and stay out of that predictably unpredictable weather.
While at the theatre is was fun watching everybody having a blast in the Panda Pix Photo Booth! They were busy all night and took over 200 sets of photos! If you haven’t seen yours online yet, be sure to look through our Facebook page for a link and scroll through the pics to see your shenanigans!
Special thank you to Jordan Fountain from for putting our ad reel together and making all of our sponsors look cool and to David Weiss of DMWeiss Productions for putting our sizzle reel together and making our filmmakers look cool. Both of you guys did an amazing job of helping make us look cool!
The night ended with our new opening night tradition with our friends at Cheeseburger in Paradise. They always treat us great, give us awesome snacks, and pour delightful drinks! The bar and wait staff were fantastic and we always look forward to going back!

Day two

is always our first expanded day in three theatre with three narrative feature films, one documentary, and the first two short film blocks. Don’t ask us to help you decide which ones to choose. We promise, they’re all great! For those that love Q&As as much as we do, filmmakers are in attendance in both short film blocks and for the feature film “Kate Can’t Swim” so come out and show those filmmakers some love!
Pack your swimsuit and your parka and get ready for a fantastic week of films!