In 2016, it’s now possible to shoot 4K Video on your phone, have it auto upload to Google Drive, and be editable and shareable within minutes. MINUTES.

Netflix and Amazon allow filmmakers an unprecedented new world of digital distribution. No editing to commercial breaks. No compromises in your artistic vision. Period.

But if we can’t come together as local artists, we are doomed. In a similar gripe, 4K video on your phone does not make a cinematic classic story of love and loss.


My challenge to you is break outside your comfort zone, your IRL clicks and cliches of “Indie Filmmakers are Moody”. Shoot a short on your phone, with the goal of convincing the best DP in Nebraska to shoot your next project.


Find someone you can work with. Even if they did a project with your childhood mortal enemy.

Make stuff. Weird. Normal. Documentary. Narrative.

Just make it. Edit it. Send it off. Plan for the next project. Budget. Network. Thrive.


I will help in any way I possibly can.