Recently, Nebraska Senator Colby Coash introduced bill LB1018 into the Nebraska Legislature. The bill, which you can see in full below, is to set aside money from the general fund to help fund the making of films through the Nebraska Arts Council. We are super excited to see how this bill progresses through legislature and will do our best to keep you up to date on all the happenings with it.

The following constitutes the reasons for this bill and the purposes which are sought to be accomplished thereby: LB1018 is a bill to appropriate $250,000 annually to Program 327 of the Nebraska Arts Council for the purposes of establishing and funding a grant program to support Nebraska economic development in communities for the purpose of film production. The Nebraska Arts Council will provide an annual report to the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature on the status of the grant program created by LB1018.

Information on the Bill and Hearing:

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