Ever dream of being an “Executive Producer”? On a feature film with “Amityville” in the title? Today is your lucky day!

The Dustin Ferguson project features an almost exclusively Nebraskan cast and crew with the exception of a couple celebrities from out of State. Also, Dustin is in talks with 2 big distributors who might give it a limited theatrical release.

“The Amityville Legacy” is the newest film in the horrifying saga that has terrified audiences for generations. This installment is being independently produced in Nebraska, and begins filming March 6th, 2016. They are trying to raise the remaining funds needed to pay the cast and amp up some special f/x in the film. While production is already in effect, and the film will be made regardless, this money raised will ensure the most quality film that can be made. “The Amityville Legacy” will be directed by Dustin Ferguson (Silent Night, Bloody Night 2 & Camp Blood 4 and 5). Check out the sheer volume of horror that Dustin has produced on IMDB.

Check out the Amityville Legacy Official Trailer and then:

Visit the GoFundMe page for more information on swag for investing on kicking this production up a notch!