I don’t know about you, but I find myself looking for new ways to learn new and different things. One way I have found to do this is by listening to podcasts, the below podcasts give some insight into the industry and talk about a variety of things. There are a ton out there, but for me very few actually keep my interest long enough for me to say I actually like it. So below is a look at the top production podcasts


Digital Conversion Podcast cover The Digital Conversion Podcast

I find this podcast to be very good, and different from a lot of the other podcasts on this list. Carl Olson, who from my knowledge has never really worked in the film industry, but has created a great network of professionals to talk to about different types of projects throughout his podcasts. This currently has 168 episodes.

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The Digital Convergence Podcast is a talk show about video production, digital filmmaking, and digital media content production. I interview digital filmmakers, producers, editors, and post-production experts. I talk about how new cameras, gear, and software are changing the way visual artists, photographers, filmmakers and content producers work. The DCP features DSLR video, 4K video, photography, time-lapse, video editing (Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, and more), color correction and grading (using built-in NLE color tools as well as standalone applications like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Speedgrade), audio and sound design (Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, and Apple Logic X), motion graphics (including Apple Motion 5, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Smoke, Mocha, Cinema 4D, etc.), digital media production, post-production, and tips on video production business.


That Studio Show CoverThat Studio Show

So, That Studio Show has gone through several names over the years, mainly because they have changed their direction quite a bit over their great amount of episodes. I was fortunate to meet Scott Simons and Kanen Flowers at NAB a few years ago, and they were great people to get to know. That Studio Show features a ton of industry professionals and some independent film makers talking about the process and their opinions on new technology and techniques. Although this show is very hit or miss, they may release 15 shows in 2 months and then not release anything for months. But I honestly believe that if you choose to only listen to one podcast this should be one to give a listen too.

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That Studio Show is a roundtable discussion with industry experts about the art and science of video, film and post production (formerly That Post Show). The top-rated Post podcast in iTunes since 2007.


Digital Cinema Cafe digitalCINEMAcafe

Digital Cinema Cafe shook out of an old an podcast I listen too, The Digital Conversion Podcast, yeah we already listed it above, and it came to an end for about 6 month in 2013. But when the DCP podcast came to an end Chris Fenwick decided he wasn’t done with the Podcast stuff and started this Podcast. Chris works in the creative world and one of the favorite things he did was talked about the vocal minority on Final Cut X, he spoke a ton about the benefits of it, but it was nice to hear a not popular perspective at the time. I love this podcast because of Chris Fenwick, he’s a fun guy to listen to and has a unique perspective as an industry professional.

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digitalCINEMAcafe is a weekly podcast that is designed to be an open discussion between industry professionals. Our goal is to create a learning experience for everyone from the aspiring filmmaker to industry veterans. We discuss all facets of the business from acquisition through distribution. Our goal is to bring together creative individuals that have an ability to express what moves and inspires them. DCC is hosted by Chris Fenwick of SL\CE Editorial and Alex MacLean of Colorflow.


The Coloristos Colorcast The Coloristo Colorcast

If you find yourself drawn to color correction or maybe you’re an awesome colorist already, this is the podcast to listen too. The guys on this podcast are color correction professionals and really the whose who in the world of color correction. Juan Salvo one of the guys on this podcast is someone I find myself asking a ton of questions on twitter.


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The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you’re interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital intermediate post-production, this show is for you.


The Terence and Philip show The Terence and Philip Show

To be 100% honest this is not a show I listen to regularly, but I fondly remember listening to a radio show they did while they were stuck on a runway in Vegas for a couple of hours. These are two master post production guys, if your looking for some great information this really is a good podcast to listen to.


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Terry Curren and Philip Hodgetts bring their not-politically-correct opinions on Avid, Adobe, Apple, post production, production, distribution and pretty much anything they want to talk about. The show has no fixed duration or schedule, taking the form of a free-form discussion between the hosts, who bring their years of industry knowledge to the discussion.


These are just 5 of the best podcasts that I listen too. Do you have a favorite that I didn’t list? Put it in the comments below.