Chatting at lunch with Chad Bring today and remembered our idea to start a YouTube or Vimeo page to serve as a home for all THOSE Nebraska shorts and maybe even features that got made and then shelved.

This would TOTALLY rip off the business model from a pretty sweet resource for Nebraska Music called The Band Broke Up.

If we partnered with Omaha Film Festival, Prairie Lights, White Light City Film Festival, Scream in the Dark, Vision Maker Festival, with a call for all filmmakers who screened to submit their film with notes, cast, IMDB links, etc…

Would you guys support such an endeavor to archive and honor those type of projects?

I would bet that a TON of these are already online. It would just take some careful guidelines and volunteers to help organize them all under the appropriate channel.

Can we call it ? Haha. COMMENT FOR YES, SHARE FOR MAYBE. Thanks, Rhett