From The Hypnotist premiere, “Why it took so long to make my movie…”

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Why it took so long to make my movie From Pete Lipins opening remarks at the premiere for The Hypnotist. Many thanks to Matt Cullinane for helping to put this together. https://youtu.be/3ehaBE4ixkY

Mobile Film-making a New Generation of Film-making

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Mobile Film-making was recently brought to the limelight by the film "Tangerine" it was a film entirely shot on an iPhone 5s, and received major accolades based on its content and film direction. "Tangerine" was done on low budget, around $120,000, but due to a great story and being creative, creator Sean Baker, was able [...]

Greetings Rah Rah 2016 from DJ Presidente MC

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In 2016, it’s now possible to shoot 4K Video on your phone, have it auto upload to Google Drive, and be editable and shareable within minutes. MINUTES. Netflix and Amazon allow filmmakers an unprecedented new world of digital distribution. No editing to commercial breaks. No compromises in your artistic vision. Period. But if we can’t [...]

Welcome from Presidente

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Hey team! Welcome to NIFP. Hope you meet some talented artists and have fun making your dream project in 2015! Here's a recap of 2005. The FIRST time Rhett was president. What a year! 2005 NIFP Meetings with Guest Speakers and topics: January: Carl Hartman (Green Cheese Media owner) Presidential Elections February: Nik Fackler (Bright [...]

Bill Plympton at the Ross- Director’s Q&A screening of CHEATIN’ Aug 28th, 2015

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CHEATIN' with Director Bill Plympton Friday, August 28 - 7:30 p.m. Tickets now available The Geske Cinema Showcase presents director Bill Plympton who will appear at the opening night screening of CHEATIN’ on Friday, August 28 at 7:30 p.m. for a Q&A session with the audience. The screening of CHEATIN' will be begin at 7:30 [...]

Call for old photos

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REQUEST: If you have pictures from old NIFP events, send them to nifpdotorg@gmail.com Or share on our Facebook page!   Thanks!

Filmmaking in Nebraska: Its History, Impact and Future (article from Feb 2014 in Prairie Fire)

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Partnerships Various venues have emerged in this arena as leaders in presenting educational programs and community building such as the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Filmstreams in Omaha. The Nebraska Independent Film Projects (NIFP) exists for membership activities such as production equipment rental and fiduciary responsibilities for independent [...]

Silicon Prairie News-Nebraska Film: Marc Longbrake of the Omaha Film Festival

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OMAHA AUGUST 18, 2010 by ANDREA CIUREJ Editor's Note: This article is part of a series titled Nebraska Film: An Exploration of the Growing Community. Learn more about the goals of this series and find links to its articles in our announcement: Nebraska Film series starts Monday, August 9. The onset of digital photography has [...]