I realized this week is a milestone for my involvement with NIFP. I joined this week in 2001. Fifteen years.

A few days after 9/11, I stumbled upon an ad for ‘Mad Movie Night’ at Duffy’s Tavern. The president of the group was a charismatic redhead, the shorts they screened on VHS were above average. I had three Jack N Cokes, signed up for their monthly meetings, and the rest is history.

I found NIFP at a monumentally important time. I was producing a public access show and pushing every rule and boundary of that platform for free speech. Remember, YouTube didn’t launch for another four years, and the only feedback I was getting was IRL through friends watching PUBLIC ACCESS every Friday night.

My point here is: NIFP is not the answer to your filmmaking problems. You are the answer. If NIFP and our members, fiscal sponsorship program, network of filmmaking resources, and excuses to drink beer together help you get your film finished, we did our job as a nonprofit.

This organization is about helping and uniting filmmakers. If you need something, post it, message us, ask the hivemind on our Facebook page.

Here’s to another 15 years of filmmaking freedom!

President Rhett

(ps I am not in this picture from 1999 but TelePro was an awesome meeting location)