FiLMiC Pro is the standard for what every video app out there today is judged against. It’s robust functionality and versatility along with it’s partnerships with other major mobile filmmaking brands and manufacturers has rightfully put them in line to be that brand.

I’ve been working with FiLMiC Pro for a couple of months now, it’s really become my goto app for video on my phone. I really like the ability to adjust focus and lock it with the click of a button and the drag of a finger, and you can do the same with ISO. My favorite part about it is, it can be simple enough to shoot that cool thing you see driving down the road, and at the same time has the complexity to shoot a major motion picture I.E. Tangaine. Well lets hop into the review.

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The Good about FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is a very robust app, not even sure where to start here. I’m not going to go through all the awesome features of this app, but I will touch on a few that set this app apart from others.

13709616_10205660898915659_1975523228_oFiLMiC Pro Resolution Options

FiLMiC Pro Resolution Options

FiLMiC Pro’s ability to shoot at different frame rates and different aspect ratios is second to none. I don’t think I would want to work with an app that didn’t have 100mbs 4K ability, not that it is necessary, but I want it there when I want to use it. But FiLMiC Pro doesn’t stop there if you’re willing to step down to a measly 1080p you can shoot 120fps at a tiny 50mbs, sense the sarcasm? And if your willing to step down to 720p you can double that frame rate. Or you can go the opposite direction and do time lapse video up to a minute between frames.

FiLMiC Pro Hardware Options

FiLMiC Pro Hardware Options

The second thing that I believe sets FiLMiC Pro apart from the rest, and this is a big one for anyone wanting to do real film work on their phone is the hardware support the app has. FiLMiC Pro has worked with many manufactures of lenses and other support gear to integrate it into their app, one of the more impressive add ons in the Moondog Labs anamorphic lens. This is the lens that was used in shooting Tangerine. The ability to shoot with an anamorphic lens but have the app interpret that for you is an awesome feature. Check out all the hardware support for FiLMiC Pro here .

There are so many awesome feature on FiLMiC Pro it’s hard to get into them all, but they have a robust community, which you can access from the app, and although I’ve not used them, I am told their support is second to none, and that’s pretty impressive for an app company.

The Bad about FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro Video Library

FiLMiC Pro Video Library

Now as much as I love this app, and use it regularly there are some things I’d like to see changed or added to it. All of your scopes, audio meters, and timecode display are all under the same window. So for example you can’t see both your sound levels and histogram at the same time, and when on a standard iPhone 6S it’s pretty small and relatively useless. I’d love to see you be able to customize your workspace and expand these windows out a little bit to make them more useful.

And another things about the app is that it’s missing features like Focus Peaking, and false color. If these are something you have to have check out our review on the MAVIS App. I’d personally recommend having both in your arsenal.

The Ugly about FiLMiC Pro

Like in a previous review it’s hard to put anything in this section about an app, anything and everything can be fixed, I am excited to see what future releases have in store for this app.