Update 8-2-16

Time for an update. I will also be changing the rating of this also. So I’ve had the opportunity to use the Roxor for various projects maybe a dozen times. While it works it seems to do a good job, well about what I expected, I would never have used this for professional work. But after having it for less than six months it in now another piece of plastic laying on my counter as it will no longer turn on. I originally thought that the switch was the problem, but after taking it apart I believe that my issue is either the battery won’t charge anymore, or there is some bad solders on the control card. Anyways, if you want this for more than a single use I would avoid it at all costs.

The Roxor

Last October Filmpower, the company that brought us the Nebula series of Gimbals announced ROXOR, a preorder for their own version of all in one gimbal and 4K camera, very similar to the DJI Osmo. The key was that they were releasing the “Roxor” for only $200 if you preordered, shipping in 4 to 5 weeks. Well I decided, what the hell, who couldn’t use a nice little handheld gimbal with 4K camera built into it? Now let me be honest, I didn’t expect to see it in 4 to 5 weeks, although they had engineering drawings and an idea of what they wanted to make. I knew it was vaporware and was willing to wait. I mean it was pretty much like a Kickstarter project, right?

To Note

Filmpower’s original listing on the Roxor didn’t tell us much. But one fateful day in December they FINALLY released some sample Roxor footage, this is where I began to worry. It was what I expected, a contrasty camera on a pretty descent gimbal, but what I didn’t expect to see was that this 4K camera, was only shooting 10fps at 4K, that in my opinion is not 4k. But hey, I was still getting a 1080p camera on a gimbal for only $200 and from what I can tell the sensor they are using is 4k 24fps capable. I will also note that in December they also said they were starting to ship. About once a week I would check out their Facebook page to see what people had to say, what they had to say, and what I saw was nothing promising, people asking where there orders where, and then them sharing some footage from people in Hong Kong. But I waited… Then I saw one person complaining about their camera showing non-functional, we’ll that’s not so bad, but they said they could get ahold of no one via email and had resorted to Facebook. Now I begin to worry, so I go to their website and send an email, and it gets returned, that doesn’t instill confidence. But people are starting to get shipping confirmations and I wait.

Then comes last week. I tried to email them on their website once again, to two email addresses they put on their facebook page, and even sent them a message via FB. No response. So I did what anyone should do, and filed a claim with PayPal. The escalated it saturday, because they couldn’t contact them… But low and behold Sunday morning I get a shipping confirmation. So I go into all that to tell you this, beware, I have little to zero faith if for some reason I need support or anything on this I will be able to get ahold of anyone, or get anything done. Only way I got this sent out was by trying to get my money back because I didn’t feel safe doing business with these folks. But lets get into this a little now.

The Review

I’m going to try and make this a pretty simple standard by using a “The Good” “The Bad” and “The Ugly” layout.

The Good about the Roxor

  • Price, come on! This thing retails at $400, you can’t even get a gimbal for that cost!
  • It does the job, it is a stabilized camera and well lit footage is “usable”.
  • Reference monitor on back is a nice touch, although pretty much useless.

The Bad about the Roxor

  • Did someone say 4K? Based on my use, there isn’t even a way to get to the 4k 10fps mode yet, not that it’s much use anyways. Firmware update soon?
  • The wifi connected App is functional on my iPhone 6s, you have to use it to set all the setting on the camera, and when you are connected through the app you lose the monitor on the back.
  • The settings… every time you turn the camera off they reset, so you have to reconnect the camera to the app to change the setting to where you want them (And the default is 1080p30 at 50hz) I definitely recommend with my few tests 1080p60 at 60hz, I mean we are Americans, right?

The Ugly about the Roxor

  • This thing is ugly. Who makes a white and pinkish red piece of video equipment? My coworker insists the thing creeps him out when I point it at him.
  • The build of this thing is inferior at best, it’s all plastic and I have pieces coming apart already.
  • The camera, image quality is noisy in low light and the blur on it indoors at 30p is noticeable on the verge of unusable.

*I will update this review if anything changes, a firmware update would be awesome, but we will see if that becomes a reality.