Congratulations to the entire Nebraska film community and a special thanks to all who participated in our decade-long quest to bring film production incentives to our state.

Today, our hero Senator Colby Coash saw his LB863 approved on Final Reading by a unanimous 44-0. Assuming that the Governor will sign the bill it will become law this summer.

Let’s not have illusions. This is a modest incentive that will yield modest results.

Producers can only use the incentives in municipalities that have established local economic development funds; Omaha and Lincoln have not.

There is no guarantee that a city has to give an incentive. A producer will need to compete with other film and non-film projects for the limited funds.

But it is a first step…and “zero to something” is the biggest acceleration that any movement can achieve.

At a time when traditional film incentives are under attack in other states, Nebraska is pioneering a brand new form of incentive with complete bipartisan support.

These incentives are limited only by the producer’s and the partner city’s creativity.

Whenever a local or out-of-state producer asks the Nebraska Film Office what film intensives are offered in Nebraska, instead of having to answer “nothing” the answer can now be: “Whatever you can negotiate.”

And as we begin to see modest results, we will build on them to producer bigger results in the years ahead.

The Nebraska Film Association will be partners in helping establish guidelines and suggestions for use of the new programs.

We will also be involved in getting the word out to producers and cities.

So stay tuned. This is just the mid-season cliffhanger. The real excitement lies ahead.

Mark Hoeger
Nebraska Film Association