I first of all want to apologize to the folks at Mettle and our readers as this breakdown is way overdue, so overdue in fact we are reviewing the previous version of the software. As of today the are on Skybox Studio V2 (Take a look here). Mettle did donate this software to us for this review, but I will do my best to make this unbiased.

So lets start with the answer to the question, is Skybox Studio a complete 360 package?

The answer to this is… maybe.

Skybox Studio enables you to do a ton of things. I just invested in one of those cheap 360 cameras (which, by the way, is 360 around and 220 up and down so not real 360, and that caused me to have to do some math to make Skybox Studio work properly). But it allowed me to convert the spherical image to equirectagular, which is what is required to upload to facebook or youtube. But there is plenty of free products up there that allows you to do that.

Skybox Studio really separates itself with its compositing features. Skybox Studio allows you to create an entire 360 experience without any 360 footage. You can composite text into your existing 360 footage, and with some time and little effort you can combine a little of both. Skybox Studio also allows you to view what your images will look like in a player, which is always important.

Overall, Skybox Studio is a great tool if you want or have a need to work in 360 video. You’ll need some time to figure it out as it’s not necessarily the most intuitive interface (keep in mind this may have changed entirely in the new version). But it’s well worth the time to make a stand apart 360 video.

We’d love to see some samples of what you have created in the 360 world! Share them in the comments.