Mobile Film-making was recently brought to the limelight by the film “Tangerine” it was a film entirely shot on an iPhone 5s, and received major accolades based on its content and film direction. “Tangerine” was done on low budget, around $120,000, but due to a great story and being creative, creator Sean Baker, was able to premier his movie at Sundance, and open the doors for other movies like this in the future.

Lets talk a little about mobile film-making When I took photography in college there was one thing I learned that really stuck out to me. “The best camera to take a picture is the camera you have with you.” Now I understand this doesn’t translate to film-making per-say, when you are working with scripts and schedules, but with the evolution of the cell phone you have a film making tool with you pretty much everywhere you go. Shooting video with your smartphone definitely has it’s limitations, but that being said the new iPhone 6 is a far supurior image capturing device than things we were using 10 years ago in the professional world. We live in a world now where everyone has the ability to capture beautiful images and videos at their fingertips. Now we understand that you won’t be making a million dollar feature on your smartphone, but hey most of us don’t have million dollars to make a feature. Our goal over the next few month will be to show you that the tool right in your pocket has some very big pluses, and how you can make your phone work for you to make something great, after all the best stories are the stories that get told.

Over the coming weeks, and months we are going to take an in depth look at just how good of a video can be produced with something as multi-use as your phone. We’ll take a look at apps, hardware and other services that can make mobile film making a way to get your film done. And we will be producing an awesome little short to show you just how capable the iPhone 6s actually is. So stay tuned, and if you see something you like to see feel free to reach about everything mobile film-making.

In the meantime, get out and get something done.