In 2017, Tim Lohmeier’s younger sister, Cathy, had an idea. Why not make a documentary about her family’s restaurant turned rock club? The building that housed the business was torn down in 1987 to make room for a fast food restaurant. Tim died in 1998. Very little remains of the club with the exception of a few photos, home videos and a lot of memories. Memories that she felt should be preserved as part of Lincoln’s proud music history. Thanks to the many friends of the Drumstick, funds were raised and a 4 minute short film was made.
The short was wildly successful and it was shown in August 2017 as part of a Drumstick celebration marking the 30th anniversary of the Drumstick’s closing.

If you were there and have memories to share, or just want to check out more about the project, head to the official website: or Facebook page:

LINK to Remember The Drumstick trailer:

Join us at Turbine Flats Reactor Cafe to share, network, and ask questions about Cathy’s journey in producing an ode to her brother’s music booking career, her family’s chicken joint, and launching a documentary from scratch.

NIFP February 21st, 2019.  6-8PM.  As always NIFP is always free to attend, affordable to join, and full of snacks and beverages.
Turbine Flats in the Reactor Cafe
2124 Y St
Lincoln Nebraska