Mission Statement:

“The creation of NEBRASKA INDEPENDENT FILM PROJECTS, INC. is based upon four major premises: 1) That film and video are two the most characteristic art/mass media forms of the 20th Century, 2) that communication in film or video is one of the most effective means of conveying information, fostering inquiry and stimulating self-reflection, 3) that independent film and video production encourages innovation and alternative viewpoints and, 4) that high-quality independent film and video projects are under-developed, under-supported, and under-utilized in Nebraska.

NEBRASKA INDEPENDENT FILM PROJECTS, INC. (NIFP) is committed to enabling, fostering, and augmenting the development, production, and distribution of Nebraska-based independent film and video projects that educate and inform the general public through educational agencies, community functions and broadcast television. NIFP will heighten public recognition of the educational, cultural, and social role of independent media and develop new sources of support for independent projects. The organization will also provide centralized information, education, funding and exhibition assistance to independent film and video artists in Nebraska.

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NEBRASKA INDEPENDENT FILM PROJECTS, INC. will serve the general public by playing a vital role in the promotion, funding and distribution of Nebraska-based film and video projects which create a public awareness and appreciation of histories, phenomenon, material culture, peoples and art forms previously unexplored. These projects include, but are not limited to: documentary, narrative, or experimental treatments of biographical, historical, aesthetic, cultural, scientific or social subject matter with local, national, or global perspectives and implications.

“Nebraska Independent Film Projects supports the development, production and distribution of Nebraska-Based independent film and video projects that educate, inform, and enlighten the general public. Created by independent producers, scholars, educators and film-goers, Nebraska Independent Film Project works to bring innovation and diversity to theater and television audiences through independent production. NIFP is dedicated to the support and preservation of film and video as an art form and as an educational resource. NIFP believes all Nebraskans can benefit through the development, support, and utilization of quality independent film and video productions. Underlying all of it’s services is advocacy to heighten public recognition of the cultural, social, political role of independent media, while developing new sources of support for media artists.”

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Production, Exhibition, Distribution:
NIFP strengthens the independent producing community by helping individual producers to organize into more efficient and effective networks. NIFP encourages collaboration and cooperation amoung independent producers, Public Television affiliates, film/video distributors, commercial and cable broadcasting entities, and the general public to promote original programming and develop new audiences for independent productions.


NIFP.org ultimately seeks to be a definitive source for 21st Century filmmaking knowledge. Including columns from people active in the industry, consultation on fundraising, exhibition and distribution strategies, production crew and acting opportunities, and a calendar of events. But ultimately NIFP.org should exist to serve our members, so suggestions are always welcome.


NIFP supports the development of mentor/internship programs, providing film studies students with the opportunity to work with active film and video makers. NIFP serves as a liaison between high school and college film studies departments and the film community, offering seminars and lectures by active local film and video makers. NIFP provides support and consultation for film festivals and exhibition programs throughout Nebraska.

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By Joining the NIFP:

You will help create new and valuable uses of the media and thus contribute toward shaping television and other media of the 21st Century.

You will help stimulate the production of challenging and inspiring programs that invite audiences to rethink what they learn from television, their newspapers, and other media institutions.

You will help independent producers explore new forms, ideas, subjects, and points of view that reach beyond the conventions of contemporary television and local feature film making.