Think of it as a LIVE cooking show hosted by a caffeinated Chad Haufschild but we are cooking a 3D model! Andrew Johnson will be showing us how to capture 360 degree angles of an actress for projection mapping onto a digital stunt dummy for FX purposes. Goal is to have an example rendered out the day after the meeting! Save the date! Turbine Flats in the Resonator Gallery!

Andrew’s description: “Cooking show – face capture, motion capture, character morph, and lip sync. So my wife is 7 months pregnant with our 4th child. This far along means that sleep is quite difficult for her and by extension me. Because of the sleep deprivation and impending deadline of not being able to work on projects at my leisure, I foolheartedly claimed that I could do a demonstration of 3D animation for the local filmmaker group that I am a member of – Nebraska Independent Film Projects (NIFP).

In my sleepless haze, I thought to myself wouldn’t it be fun to live stream this crazy idea as if it were a cooking show and have the audience choose the character the actor would morph into as the “secret ingredient”? Why not!!? After all, I have 90 minutes of meeting time to fill!

I have managed to convince a few other deranged individuals to go along with this crazy plan and now we are going to live stream this on our NIFP Facebook page on Aug 15th 2019 starting at 6:30pm Central Time.

Please join us through our Facebook page to see if it ends in triumph or tears! I for one am hoping for both!”