NIFP August Meeting Recap

Thanks everyone for coming down to Firespring! Here is a picture from our last big NIFP meeting in October 2010. (forgot to take one last night)

Great to see old friends and some new faces.

Glad to see everyone is excited about creating a truly beneficial organization for Nebraska filmmakers and video artists.

Some links mentioned in the meeting:

I’ll leave you with this:

The creation of NEBRASKA INDEPENDENT FILM PROJECTS, INC. is based upon four major premises: 1) That film and video are two the most characteristic art/mass media forms of the 20th Century, 2) that communication in film or video is one of the most effective means of conveying information, fostering inquiry and stimulating self-reflection, 3) that independent film and video production encourages innovation and alternative viewpoints and, 4) that high-quality independent film and video projects are under-developed, under-supported, and under-utilized in Nebraska.