Nik Fackler's "Lovely, Still"

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Omaha, NE - The movie, "Lovely, Still" is being filmed in Omaha with some big names in the cast including Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn.

From the towering tree over at the Durham Western Heritage Museum, to the lights at Gene Leahy mall, these are the features that a young writer believes will make his holiday love story come to life.

Academy-Award winning actor Martin Landau moves from "Mission Impossible" to movie impossible. You see, without a big budget, it was the actors who signed on for less. Now, a local writer could do his first big flick in the only place he felt fitting. "I wrote it when I was 18 and the entire thing I imagined in Omaha because I was born and raised here," says Nek Fackler. That's right writer/director Nik Fackler is a Millard West graduate. And now he's back with a couple of big names, like Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn.

The two actors liked Fakler's script so much, they agreed to help his dream of filming here become a reality. "I like Omaha because it has buildings like this, all the buildings and the architecture, and the people is really the main reason why you want to shoot here ."

And it was the people from all over this region who showed up to support the local writer, and perhaps, for a shot at fame. "I want to be a famous actor because I really like acting," says extra Giles Allan. From actors to models, hundreds came out and were cast as extras in the movie. Others showed up after word got out a famous face like Landau was here in their hometown. "He was so down to earth and it was no problem at all to just walk up to him. He was very friendly, took his glove off shook my hand, a perfect gentleman," says extra Jerry Neddham.

You can expect to see the movie out next fall. In the meantime, the crew will be filming at several locations throughout the metro over the next few weeks.

Reported by, Molli Graham: mgraham@action3news.com

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