About six months ago I decided to make the move from android to IPhone. I had always been an anti-IPhone guy but the more I’ve worked in the film and video industry I’ve discovered that there are certain things that I’ll just never be able to get on an Android device. There is some beauty in a single form factor and a defined versioning path that makes the IPhone very appealing for developers and product engineers. One of the reasons I moved over to the IPhone was for some of the awesome camera apps out there, and today we will talk about one such app called MAVIS, you can find out more about MAVIS here (shootmavis.com).

Video Settings

MAVIS Video Settings Menu

The Good about MAVIS

I’ve been using MAVIS for a couple of month now and it has some major advantages over the built in camera app. One of my favorite parts about the app is the waveform monitors. As a professional videographer this is something that I’ve grown to rely on over the years. Sometime what you see on camera, or more likely can’t see because you’re outside shooting or something along those lines. There are a few issues with the way this is designed but I’ll get into that a little later. The ability to adjust both focus and exposure right on the screen is awesome, there are some other awesome apps but non to my knowledge are as easily accessible as they are on this app. I also love that all the setting are right on the screen and you can access them for the most part just by clicking on the feature. White Balance is easy enough to set and being able to add both focus peaking and false color is something this videographer has come to rely on in the last few year.

The Bad about MAVIS

MAVIS Display Settings

MAVIS Display Settings

This section we reserve for telling you what we’d like to see fixed on a product or in an app.

I mentioned earlier about issues with the waveform monitors. I love having these on the screen all the time, but they take up SO much real estate. The default mode would work awesome if you were shooting on an IPad or maybe even a 6 Plus, but I’m using just a standard sized 6s and it makes my capture space fairly small. I’d like to see them make the somewhat opaque and allow the screen to be larger. This is something I’m sure the great team over there is looking for a way to fix. The other thing that is a real kicker for me is it will only record at 50mbs other apps will allow you to up the data rate to 100mbs, I have yet to compare the files side by side, but I can only assume that the higher bitrate will make the files easier to deal with when editing. One other thing I’d like to see them do is to add support for peripheral devices, such as lenses and other equipment.

MAVIS Exposure Setup

Mavis Exposure Control

The Ugly about the MAVIS

For an app I very rarely could think of something to put in here this is reserved for the “this is broken” and you’ll have to deal. I have heard some reports about MAVIS causing your IPhone to crash, but I’ve had no such issues.