Becky Bosen is an awesome human and a partner in arts collaborative group BLIXT. She has acted on stage and in Nebraska independent films for years. Now she is giving back with the soundtrack to her play about childhood hunger “Puddin and the Grumble”.

Puddin’ and the Grumble is a musical that tackles childhood hunger. All proceeds from this album will be directed toward the care of Rebecca Manner, our friend who is battling liver disease. Her sister Natalie played Puddin’ in the 2016 premiere, and her family is ours.

Rebecca Manner, who has had three liver transplants since 1995, is currently experiencing liver failure. Because she has recently been living in Korea, is refusing to grant insurance coverage until September 1. Without the funds, Becca is unable to obtain life-saving treatment.

Linked below is a soundtrack to a musical called “Puddin’ and the Grumble”, written by Becky Boesen and David von Kampen, and starring Natalie McClure. As a result of Becky and David’s generosity, you can purchase this soundtrack for $10; all proceeds are donated to the Manner family to help with medical costs.

Please consider helping these people by purchasing a copy of the soundtrack. And please send any prayers, good thoughts, positive energy, or uplifting regards that you can to the Manner family. Thanks so much.

Soundtrack credits

released August 24, 2016

lyrics by Becky Boesen, music by David von Kampen
vocals by Natalie McClure, Nancy Nail, Petra Wahlqvist, Sasha Dobson, Michelle Ingle, Tyler Hale, Bill Stephan, Sam Woods and D-Wayne Beatbox
This album was expertly recorded and engineered by Lucas Kellison at Sadson Studios in Lincoln, Nebraska and all instruments utilized were played by David von Kampen, Bryan Daize and Daniel Firestone