ATTENTION!!! Have you ever thought about seeing your screenplay on the big screen? Of course you have. Why else would you write a “screen”play. If so, perhaps you should listen to someone who has!
Head to the Screenwriter’s Forum this weekend (it’s free). Screenwriter/Novelist/Playwright John Kaye, who has had his screenplays produced by major studios like Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers and more, will be speaking to the group. Don’t miss this one time free event. Mr. Kaye will only be there for about an hour and seating is limited. Get there early!
March’s Screenwriters Forum will be held at Legend Comics & Coffee, with special speaker:


John Kaye feature credits as a screenwriter include American Hot Wax, Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins and Where the Buffalo Roam. He also directed the feature film Forever Lulu, starring Melanie Griffith and Patrick Swayze. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, Kaye was producer and writer of The Lohman and Barkley Show, a late-nite live, 90 minute, satirical show that ran for a year on KNBC, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles in 1971. A precursor to Saturday Night Live, Kaye gave Barry Levinson, Craig T. Nelson, John Amos, and McLean Stevenson their first jobs in the entertainment business. In 2012, The Los Angeles Review of Books began publishing his memoirs. He is currently Omaha on a writing sojourn.

The format for the meetings is open to suggestions at all times prior to the event. The basic format is a 2 hour block as follows:

30 min for a read through of script pages from screenwriter and peer review.
30 min for a read through and analysis.
30 min for a read through and analysis.
30 min for a read through and analysis.

Participants consist of Screenwriters* and Contributing Members. Contributing Members include actors, who participate in a read through, or writing buffs, such as poets, novelist and the like, who share their criticism along with Screenwriters.

Legend Comics & Coffee
5207 Leavenworth St.
The Game room. It seats up to 30.
March 19th, from 2 pm – 5 pm