Hey team!

Welcome to NIFP. Hope you meet some talented artists and have fun making your dream project in 2015!

Here’s a recap of 2005. The FIRST time Rhett was president. What a year!

2005 NIFP Meetings with Guest Speakers and topics:
January: Carl Hartman (Green Cheese Media owner) Presidential
February: Nik Fackler (Bright Eyes video screens video artist) Getting
a grant
March: Jim Fields (416 director, UNO professor) Sony HDV intro DVD
April: Dan Iske (EvansAmerica.com producer, ITK director) New
website for NIFP.org
May: Ja’le Youngblood / Lonnie Senstock (Going Down to Neverland actor) New camera
June: Patrick Rhea (Senoreality.com, director) First meeting at the
July: Mike Corkel (Black Anvil Productions, owner) The state of
indie HD filmmaking
August: Lew Hunter (UCLA Screenwriting professor and guru) Q&A with
September Lincoln: Kelley Baker (Angry Filmmaker, Kicking Bird
September Omaha: Larry Williams (Hot Shops Film Festival director)
Mad Movie Night presentation
October: Mad Movie Night 2005 (19 short films from Nebraska digitally
projected @ the Ross)
November: Travis Fox (Time Warner Media Sales Advertising Production
Manager) Laptop production studio, Panasonic P2 HD camera DVD.
December: Year End Wrapup (The Future of NIFP) Cookies! Vice
President Elections

Random NIFP Top 10 of 2005
10: NIFP moves to a new home in the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts
center’s library. Try saying that three times fast. After Telepro,
our former meeting place, closed it’s Lincoln office last spring, we
held one meeting at Time Warner’s Public access studio.

9: NIFP gains a new president when Rhett is voted into office.
Sneering election year promises of “values”, “lower taxes”, and “a
mandate from the voters” crumble into the reality of a filmmaking
community at war against an unknown enemy. Chad retires as Prez after
many many years of service.

8: Dan Iske and crew launch EvansAmerica.com and execute a great
example of truly independent production and delivery on the web. Five
webisodes later and the term “Online political web drama series from
Nebraska” doesn’t sound that odd anymore.

7: NIFP.org is hacked (literally!) by Russian mobsters. You can’t make
up something that bizarre. What is there to steal from a nonprofit
organization in Nebraska? IDEAS! Website is relaunched in October
with great security and a fun new look.

6:Nik Fackler braves a snowstorm to make the trek up from Omaha.
Showed us “Fairy Love and Suicide”, his demo dvd. Dorothy giggles in
glee and we analyze some sweet After Effects work. This is the closest
to ‘cool’ we’ve come as a group. Saddle creek, will you be our friend?

5: Anne Moore, a native Nebraskan now working as an actress in L.A.,
utilizes the NIFP fiscal sponsorship program to make a documentary on
the Czech festival in Clarkson, NE. Polka, kolaches and more! Sounds
like she is almost done editing and ready for DVD! Best of luck to her
in distribution. There is a copy floating around out there somewhere.

4: Jim Fields tells us about shooting video at a gay rodeo for his 416
documentary. My thought: Gay rodeo fans versus fundamentalist
preachers would make a great reality TV show. Kidding aside, 416
covered a very touchy issue (Nebraska’s gay marriage vote) with great
respect and tasteful humor.

3: NIFP finally holds a Omaha meeting. Chad told me this was not the
first Omaha NIFP meeting ever, as that happened years ago. But I bet
THAT meeting didn’t have Larry Williams, our guest speaker, who wrote
Space Camp! Top that! Plus Matt Cullinane got the DVD player to play
the Middle of Nowhere disc so I did not look like a total fool. Plus
we had one of our best turnouts of the year.

2: Lew Hunter stops by to share some wisdom on Hollywood, Alex Payne,
true indie filmmaking and the writing process. His wife Pamela is a
hoot, egging him into the best stories about his life and experiences.
He worked on Batman AND Little House on the Prairie. And he knows
Oliver Stone. Mental note, ask Lew more about Oliver Stone.

1: NIFP gets a grant for a Camera Package, including two Panasonic
3CCD DV cameras. Members in good standing now have the chance to check
out a decent camera for the same $5 a day rental fee as our lighting
and sound kits. Why are you just sitting there reading this? You
could be writing, shooting or editing!